Are You Living the Dream?

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Do you have kids in sports?

I do. My son plays on a select baseball team and my daughter plays on a club volleyball team.

Now, I’m guessing you are thinking one of two things. Either you can relate and are interested or you say to yourself, “ooohhhh, one of THOSE parents.”

Yes, having kids in sports is busy and we often have to say “no” to friends because we have a game or practice. But here is what I am convinced of; until you experience watching your child play, compete, learn, lose, win and make friends, you won’t ever understand the sacrifice of time and money we put into those experiences. I absolutely love getting to watch my kids play.

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I had dreams of playing pro baseball, like every other kid. Some parents can’t get passed that missed dream and live it through their kids, which typically doesn’t end well. While that dream didn’t come true for me, I truly believe I am blessed and am “Living the Dream” of watching and developing my kids grow into great athletes and even better people.

You see, sometimes dreams change, enjoy the one you are living now!


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