About Us

Thanks so much for taking your time out of the day to give our little store a visit!

As you can probably see, we're extremely passionate about baseball, and we're huge believers in the amazing positive impact baseball can have! We're gonna guess that you are too since you're on this page, so let us tell you a little bit about ourselves, what we do, and our goals for the future!

We are a small but passionate group of baseball fans, whose goal is to remind people why they fell in love with the game.

Remember the time when all you cared about was getting together with friends or family and hitting a ball with a stick or the time you would run home and open a fresh wax baseball pack. We're no different than you, baseball fans who are extremely passionate about the sport, the memories you make, the friends you make, the fun you have, the history behind the game and how the game gives back. We're firm believers that even if the impact we have is tiny, it is completely worth it!

Check out more about our story and why we do what we do, HERE.

We don't have a million dollar marketing budget, we don't have massive warehouses or fancy houses and cars, we have a vision, a goal, and a purpose that we will work towards to fulfill.

So here's the deal, we've created Keep Baseball Great and if our message resonates with you, we'd love your support in this movement that we're trying to start, join us and join our community in helping Keep Baseball Great!

If you have any issues, don't hesitate to contact our customer support and we'll happily help you out as promptly as we can.

Thank you so much for reading this lengthy page, we hope this story and this project can put a smile on your face and remind you of why baseball is so great!