5 Great Historical Baseball Moments Everyone Should Know About

Keep Baseball Great Top Historical Baseball Moments

No one can deny the rich history of baseball. I love history, ok maybe not all history, but when it comes to American history, there is something about it that draws me in. From the founding of our nation to the Civil War to the last 30 plus years of history I have been able to live through.

Baseball's Greatest Moments

Without history, there becomes less value in our life. Let me explain…

Look all around you. Look at the pictures in your house, the car you drive, the house you live in, the friends you are surrounded by. Now imagine trying to get rid of those things…why is it so hard? Because you have a history with them. There have been moments in your life that have brought you to this particular moment and have brought value to where you sit today.

That clunky car may not be worth very much, but when you think of your history with it, it may be hard to let go. Remember those Star Wars or G.I. Joe figures as a kid? Those are actually worth some money these days, but worth more to those of us who grew up with them.

What your history brings to these different things is value, today. You cherish them, you look at them in a different way, you respect them, you want to help conserve those feelings of enjoyment because you know where they have been. I believe there is a sense of enjoyment and respect that comes with knowing where someone or something has been.


Does knowing the history of baseball make it that much more significant? Does it make baseball great? Keep Baseball Great believes knowing the history of baseball actually helps you enjoy it more today!

We think kids today should learn about the history, places, and characters of the game. Knowing where baseball came from, where it has been and what it means today, really increases the value and enjoyment of baseball. It’s actually pretty amazing to look back on the events of professional baseball and see the impact in America it has made.

My Top 5 Favorite Baseball Historical Moments

Don’t get me wrong, there are about 100+ incredible and memorable moments in baseball. Events like Gehrig’s “Luckiest Man” speech, Roger Maris’ 61 in ’61, Kirk Gibson’s fist pump, Joe DiMaggio’s streak, or Willie May’s catch, could be talked about all day long.

But there are certain events that I have found and particularly enjoy that make baseball that much more meaningful for me.

5. President Franklin D. Roosevelt “Green Light” letter

4. Rick Monday saves the flag

3. President George Bush’s first pitch after 9-11

2. Jackie Robinson breaks the color barrier

1. North & South Civil War troops play baseball

What are your favorite baseball moments that make you enjoy it, even more, today?

Babe Ruth calling his shot? Hank Aaron’s record breaking homerun? Visiting Wrigley Field?

Comment below with the historical moment that makes you enjoy baseball that much more.

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