How to Make the Biggest Impact with your Team

Make an Impact with your baseball team

Remember The Catch? Or the Bautista Bat Flip. Baseball has given us some of the most entertaining moments we can remember.  But, is baseball just a means of entertainment?

Making an Impact with Baseball

At baseball’s inception, the answer is probably yes, but what I love about baseball is that great people have made it more than just entertainment. Parents, players, and teams have taken a great game and used it to give back.

Parents for decades have been using baseball to spend more time with family. Don’t underestimate the time you spend with kids, friends or family because, in the end, you’re using baseball to create that quality time and create lasting memories.

Players have been leveraging their positions to create charities to help give back to the community. We usually only get the story about the successful player that has gone bankrupt, but for every 1 of those, there are probably 5 or more that contribute to giving back. Think about what Jackie Robinson gave using the game of baseball. Remember President George W. Bush’s first pitch after 9/11? In an incredible time of need, a moment in baseball gave us hope. I also love awards like the Roberto Clemente Award that highlight players that give back. Look up your favorite player and see how they are giving back to your community!

From little league to the major leagues, teams have found a way to create a positive light in their community. If you are a coach of any level, you know that serving those in need can really build unity within a team as well as build great character in the players. It’s a win-win situation.

I encourage you to look up your local team and find out what the team or the players are doing to give back and join in. MLB has taken some great initiatives as well, like the RBI program and Stand Up to Cancer. Or maybe you are a local youth coach, could you get your team together and help serve the community in some way?


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