The Most Effective Drill Parents Can Do

Most effective baseball drill

Recently, I had something hit me pretty hard and it helped me put things into perspective. A family lost their son. I can’t even imagine or begin to think about what this family is going through and how hard of a situation it is. He was a son, a friend and a baseball player on a local team. It made me think to incorporate this baseball drill.

Best Baseball Drill

Perspective right? As I began to think about my kids I was reminded to enjoy every moment and pour into them as much as I can. It makes you want to hold them just a little tighter when you hear heartbreaking tragedies like this.

Now to the most effective baseball drill any parent or guardian can do.  It’s really quite simple. But, of course, the effectiveness of any drill you do depends on the time & effort you put into it. After hearing about this tragedy, this is all I wanted to do with my son. So take the time, be intentional and pour into your kid for as long as you have them.

The baseball drill goes like this:

Step 1: Stand an appropriate distance from your athlete.

Step 2: Play Catch

Step 3: Ask them how life is, and just talk. Ask them about the hardest thing in life right now, or the best thing in life. Ask them what their favorite thing to do is. Just make conversation and enjoy.

Key to Success: Here is the catch for us parents: During the drill, don’t criticize or try to correct how they are throwing. Just focus on listening and talking about life.

The first few times I tried this drill it didn’t go very well. Lots of short answers and weird looks. But, trust me, keep doing it and see where it goes!

Keep Baseball Great!

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